Why Buena Publica?

Here at BUENA PUBLICA we are all about EXCELLENCE IN EVENT STAFFING! Now whilst that’s a catchy strap line we work hard to ensure we deliver on that big claim.

Excellence for us begins with our office team. Our team is 100% made up of people who started with us at the ’bottom’ and worked their way up.

Along the way they were recognised over and over again for doing a great job for our clients.

We think it’s important to reward people like them. And we also think it builds a strong and motivated team when we do.

Next are OUR STAFF

When you book with BUENA PUBLICA you can feel confident that you are booking staff that have been comprehensively trained, will be immaculately presented and of course will arrive with friendly faces ready to work. This is because we spend a lot of time with our staff. Not just managing them, but working with them, partying with them and listening to them. Because of that they like working with us and we like having them in our team. Our clients see the results.

Last but not least – OUR CLIENTS

Our clients are mostly great and we love working with them. But sometimes our clients get things wrong, sometimes we need to help them avoid disasters! Our job, regardless of what happens, is to keep our clients happy and that’s the bottom line.

We stand for EXCELLENCE IN EVENT STAFFING and when all is said and done, we promise to do everything we can to make your event a roaring success (especially when things get tricky!)